LED T-Shirts

How does LED light up t-shirts work?

We use electroluminescent (EL) panels to illuminate your design on the highest quality led t-shirts. The panels can be attached to the clothes with Velcro. We can make sound sensitive or automatic flashing LED panel of t-shirts, all depends on your preferences. When turned off, the shirt looks like an ordinary screen printed t-shirt. But by turning on the battery, the shirt evolves into an illuminated animated design. 

The panels always stay cool, as they use low power to emit a soft light without any irritating glare. The panel itself is very thin–similar to ribbons or sheets of paper–but with the feel of vinyl or vellum. Our panels are weather proof and can get wet, they cannot be completely sunk under water. It is necessary to be careful as they are easily flexible.

LED t-shirt how it works

How the t-shirt is powered?

Power is supplied through a small battery pack using 4x AAA batteries. Our specially designed animated panels have several connectors to control the various elements of the display. These connectors are joined by a cable ribbon to connect the panel to the battery pack. Our battery packs are small and discreet, fitting into a hidden pocket of t-shirt. They are long lasting and durable. The panel must be connected to the battery pack in order to illuminate the shirt. The panels utilize a backlighting effect that glows through the material, so design lights up in animated display.

We make custom LED shirts panel

You can fill out our order form to create your light up t-shirt. Our designers work hand in hand with you to make your design exactly as you desire. If you are looking for introducing your brand or event to market with unforgettable way, then our custom LED light up T-shirts are the solution for you. Over the years we have helped countless companies to get more attention using our LED T-shirts.

led panel of led t-shirts

 EL t-shirt is very cool, make you look different on various occasions, such as disco, party, concerts, sports event, gathering and political campaign, now, there are more and more people know and love el t-shirt, and there are a lot of people ask me how to use the el t-shirt.


1. Connect cable of inverter to panel and stick panel on Velcro

2. Put batteries 4xAAA into inverter, then hide inverter into pocket

3. Turn on inverter and adjust sensitive

4. Don’t fold panel and pull cable behind panel


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