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LED t-shirts online factory especially for custom light up tshirts with your own logo or design. Quality personalized LED shirts for best price with worldwide shipping. We will produce LED T shirts for you with your own logo or graphics design exactly by your requirements. With this LED shirt you will definitely have a great marketing tool to promote your business activities.

Custom light up shirts - the help to promote yourself or your business. Imagine your logo or graphic design on these unforgettable t-shirts! You will get an incredible attention of the others for anything, what you would like to promote on these unique sound activated shirts.

Flashing shirts are much more expressive than standardly printed t-shirts. Your logo will be flashing at all events of your customers. Great for souveniers, great for promotional actions and various events. How to make own led shirts? Just follow the steps below.

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custom light up t-shirts

If you are interested please follow these steps.

1. Step: For the price calculation of sound activated shirt you need to fill out custom order form and give us info about: how many pieces of custom led t-shirts you want to produce, delivery country for shipping cost calculation and currency. You need to specify exact sizes of t-shirts (S – XXXL). Also you need to upload your logo or graphics design for custom LED panel animations (picture in high resolution). Quantity discount depends on the number of pieces you want to produce. 

2. Step: When we receive your order, we contact you via e-mail or phone if we need any additional info.

3. Step: We will prepare the animation of custom LED panel with your logo or graphics design, and send you by e-mail in a GIF file for your confirmation. We can animate your logo or design in 5 flashing sequences.

4. Step: If you will agree with gif animation of LED panel, you need to pay for your order. We accept payment by paypal, credit card (Maestro, Visa, etc) or bank transfer.

5. Step: After we receive the payment, we will start with production process. It usually takes 7 -14  days, it depends on total amount of ordered pieces of custom led t-shirts.

6. Step: When we will finish the production of the custom LED t-shirts, we will send a package with your light up tshirts to the delivery address by courier company GLS or DHL. We deliver goods worldwide. Package usually arrives within 5 - 7 working days (can vary depending on delivery country). We will send you the tracking number. So you can track your package online.

If you are seriously interested and you have any questions or demands about custom flashing t-shirts, send us e-mail directly to: info@led-t-shirts.eu

World biggest selection of led t shirts with over 80 design in stock. Worldwide courier delivery. 

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and many more....

!!!Please make a note that there are companies from China that produce very cheap custom LED T-shirts made of CHEAPER materials, and therefore the goods is often faulty, very bad quality and light is less expressive !!!

WE are selling quality custom LED  t-shirts made of FINEST materials. Furthermore, we offer a 2 YEAR WARRANTY. We have CE and ROHS certification of our products. We have over 5 years experiences in producing LED T-shirts. You can check our Youtube channel to see our references of custom LED T-shirts. Our company Media Leaders Ltd holds an internationally recognized quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2008.

Custom led t-shirts online factory

LED T-Shirt specification

If your company wants to increase the brand awareness, our Flashing LED shirts are a great addition to your marketing strategy. They are really effective marketing tool for promotions and events and really stand out in the crowd wherever you use them! 

For many other designs of LED t-shirts please visit our partners e-shop - www.cool-mania.com/party/led-t-shirts

custom flashing t-shirts

FAQ about LED Tshirts

How does it work?

There is used the electroluminescent technology to make them flash. LED panel is made of thin paper and flexible material. This means, that if you wear this t-shirt, you feel exactly the same as if you wear classic t-shirt. LED panel is attached to the T-Shirt through a Velcro zip. Mini control box is provided separately and it can be buckled to your belt. You can switch the on/off button in the mini control box (inverters) to control the lights and the sound sensitivity.

How is it powered and how long does it work?

It is powered by 4 AAA 1,5V bateries. The battery power can last for 10-14 hours depending on the length of time of using or depending on the brand of battery.

How can I wash it?

The led t-shirt can be easily washed. Just detach the LED panel with wires from t-shirt and remove the battery pack. Then you can throw the shirt into a washing machine as normal.

Is there any set up fee for producing custom led t-shirts?

No, you only pay price of custom LED t-shirt and shipping costs according to delivery country.

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LED Tshirts with programmable LED scrollable display via Smartphone

LED Tshirts with programmable LED scrollable display via Smartphone

Newest LED Tshirts with programmable LED scrollable display via Smartphone. Its so simple just use your smartphone and get your message.

Do not buy Cheap LED t-shirts!!!

Do not buy Cheap LED t-shirts!!!

If you want to save some money and buy cheap custom led t-shirts, rather do not do that. We try to explain you why it is not a good choice for you.

Please read this article and you will know the difference. 

How does LED light up t-shirts work?

How does LED light up t-shirts work?

We try to explain you the basic of use and the function of light up led t-shirts. How it works, how it is powered and other info.

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