LED T-Shirts


How does it work?

There is used the electroluminescent technology to make them flash. LED panel is made of thin paper and flexible material. This means, that if you wear this t-shirt, you feel exactly the same as if you wear classic t-shirt. LED panel is attached to the T-Shirt through a Velcro zip. Mini control box is provided separately and it can be buckled to your belt. You can switch the on/off button in the mini control box (inverter) to control the lights and the sound sensitivity.

Can I choose how the logo should light - sound sensitive or automatic flash?

Yes, You have two options how can the t-shirts lights (Sound sensitive or automatic flash).

The Sound sensor technology - led panel can light up with any sound, or noise, or music.  It means that if you have any music around it will reacts directly to the music beats like on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrslHo47pfs  You can adjust the sensitivity to sound by scrolling wheel on inverter.

Automatic flash - led panel will flash automatically doesnt need any music or sound (fast or slow flashing – many different modes of flashing independent to any sound.)

Your logo will lights in 5 or less animated sequences.

How is it powered and how long does it work?

It is powered by 4 AAA 1,5V bateries. The battery power can last for 10-14 hours depending on the length of time of using or depending on the brand of battery.

How can I wash them?

The led t-shirts can be easily washed. Just detach the LED panel with wires from t-shirt and remove the battery pack. Then you can throw the shirt into a washing machine as normally.

Are they visible in the daylight?

Yes! Your image is printed on a vellum material that when is illuminated by lights in the back, brings out your image through backlight. This means that your image is still visible in the light,and it just brightens the already existing design in the night.

What is the maximum size of LED Panel attached on t-shirt?

Maximum size of LED panel on t-shirts is 20x20cm. We can not make bigger size because of EL inverter with 4x AAA batteries can not power bigger LED panel. Standart size of LED panel is about 20x14cm or 15x15cm.

How long does the production process of t-shirts takes?

It usually takes only 7 -10  days, it depends on total amount of ordered pieces of custom led t-shirts. We always do our best to get your led t shirts on time.

What colours & styles of t-shirts do you offer?

We offer only black t-shirts made from 100% cotton (Size S-XXXL). We have adult male, adult female t-shirts and youth t-shirts.

Male led t-shirts size table   female led shirts size table

What is your Minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Minimum order is 5 pcs of custom led t-shirts. The more you buy, the cheaper will be the unit price of the shirt.

Is there any set up fee for producing custom led t-shirts?

No, you only pay price for custom led t-shirts and shipping costs according to delivery country.

Is it possible to buy only LED Panels with El inverters (Without t-shirts)?

Yes, its possible to buy only led panels without t-shirts. For the price calculation you should contact us directly.

How long takes shipping and where the goods are shipped from?

Shipping time depending on delivery country, its usually takes 5 - 7 days. Price do not include any additional custom fees, duties. Goods are send directly from Hong Kong.